Therapeutic and Healing Touch

The Art of Therapeutic Touch – Dave Hawkins Health Report

This weeks topic of discussion will review a technique called Therapeutic Touch. Therapeutic Touch is an energetic therapy based on the concept of a subtle, non-physical energy, which sustains all living organisms. It is vitalizing, a universal force. This concept can be found in numerous traditional healing systems (known in Chinese medicine as “chi” or “prana” in Yoga systems or better know as laying-on of hands).

Each of us has our own energy field that radiates out two to six inches from the body and interacts constantly with the environment. A trained practitioner is attuned to this energy field’s flow. In good health the energy flows and is smooth and balanced. However if we are injured, or are suffering for emotional distress or disease the flow is blocked.

By using this technique the practitioner can help rebalance the energy field promoting better flow and alleviate vitality and in turn reduce symptoms.

Therapeutic Touch developed by Dolores Kreiger, PH. D.,R.N., professor emeritus at New York University and Dora Kunz, a healer interpreted many healing practices such as, visualization, laying-on of hands and aura therapy.

Since it’s development this technique has been taught to over 37000 nurses, doctors, and health practitioners. It is taught in over 50 colleges and uses in over 200 hospitals.

With Therapeutic Touch there is generally no physical contact between patient and practitioner.

Even though styles may vary the practitioners use their hands held a few inches over the body to assess energy fields. The practitioner assesses the client, clears congestion, transfers energy to depleted areas, and balances the energy flow.

Sessions last from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the patient. Acute conditions respond faster and chronic illness responds slower.

Therapeutic Touch has proven effective in treating a variety of conditions.

It has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, and ease problems associated with autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Other examples include altered enzyme activity, increased hemoglobin levels, and to accelerate wound healing. Many studies have shown that patients receiving this therapy experienced a reduction of headache pain, ease of asthmatic breathing and a reduction of fever and inflammation.

Although numerous studies have demonstrated it to be useful and harmless, many people remain skeptical about its’ effects. One problem it that some of its working principals-intuition-energy-consciousness- don’t fit in very easy with a conventional medical mind set or laboratory research methods.  Anecdotal evidence abounds even though patient response is very different.

Despite these drawbacks and our lack of certain scientific understanding, something does happen during a session. Over the last 20 years research has been conducted with it in relation to cardiac studies, stress and anxiety, wound healing, and pain relief.

Therapeutic Touch is one alternative approach that offers a balance between technology and miracles and life’s mysteries. There are nurses in our area that are trained in this technique. If you are looking for someone contact me or check with your health care practitioner.

Article by herbalist Dave Hawkins, MH, CNC